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Commemorating our 250th anniversary with inclusive programs that inspire Americans to renew and strengthen our daring experiment in democracy.

Freedom isn't free. Every gift counts.

CC250 commemorates America's 250th anniversary throughout 2026, by spotlighting Chester County's vital role in the Revolutionary War, the birth of American democracy, and our ongoing initiatives to ensure liberty and justice for all.

Why Support ChesCo250?

Community Investment — CC250 preserves and promotes the rich history of Chester County, and positively impacts the community's identity and pride.

Economic Benefits — CC250 boosts tourism, creates new jobs regionally, and enhances economic growth, increasing the disposable income of local residents and attracting more customers.

Enhanced Quality of Life — A vibrant and historically rich community improves the overall quality of life, making the area more attractive to potential employees and helping retain existing talent.

Educational Opportunities — CC250 engages schools, libraries, and community groups educational activities, helping develop a well-educated and informed community.

Civic Engagement — CC250 encourages civic engagement and community involvement, accruing positive effects on people’s civic pride, morale, sense of belonging.

Networking Opportunities — Being involved in community projects leads to networking opportunities, building valuable connections.

Long-Term Legacy — CC250 will leave a lasting legacy for future generations, enriching the community for generations to come.

What Is CC250 Funding Used For?

Enhancing Heritage Sites, Kiosks, and Markers — CC250 aims to improve heritage sites, creating a more powerful, engaging, interactive visitor experience. This includes upgrading interpretive programming, descriptive signage, access, amenities, and parking.

Underrepresented Narratives — CC250 seeks to bring to light often-overlooked stories in our fight for freedom, especially of women and people of color, to enrich understanding of local history and its significance for all who live here.

Community Civic Engagement — Through partnerships with educational institutions, libraries, and community forums, CC250 highlights community conversations and activities centered on American history and civics. This fosters a deeper understanding of our shared past, present and future.

Community Celebrations and Commemorations — CC250 encourages and co-promotes activities, programs, and events throughout Chester County that celebrate the spirit of America, fostering a sense of pride and unity.

Public Awareness — We prepare and distribute public communications about CC250 initiatives, ensuring broad awareness and participation.


Join us in celebrating our shared heritage, preserving the past, and building a brighter future.
ChesCo250 — Where History Comes to Life